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The Ardustat is my (in progress) open source successor to Jonny Galvo. It uses a standard USB-Arduino unit with a custom designed daughterboard to provide:

The Ardustat is a three electrode system, but can be used in two electrode mode as well.

These features are provided from a single USB port on a testing computer. A node.js program interaces the ardustat with the computer, but you can use anything that speaks serial.

Each Ardustat costs ~$60 in parts and involves minimal, simple soldering (no surface mount parts, etc). The software runs on just about any modern platform (tested on Windows XP, 2000, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux).

As a bonus I've written a small node package that allows Ardustat file management and plotting over the web. Currently this has only been tested with Ubuntu Linux and OS X.


Email any major manufacturer of battery testing equipment for a quote, wait three days, and see that a basic galvanostat/potentiostat costs at least $1,000 a channel, without software. The Ardustat does not replace these units (completely, at least). The Ardustat does enable easy, accurate and cheap long term cycling and pulse testing far more easily than most commercial solutions, and again, at a fraction of the price.


The theory of operation can be found here.

Why should I build this?

  1. The Arduino board is a great way to learn about microcontroller programming and design
  2. The Ardustat daughterboard/software provides an excellent tutorial on how to create flexible, useful scientific testing and data-logging devices.

Can I buy this?

Eh maybe. I'm really busy these days. A couple of students may take over the business end, so contact me and we'll talk.

Just to be clear, the Ardustat software and hardware sources are free to download and modify.

Release Notes

V0008 ??? Maybe soon

v0007 2/13/10

v0006 2/13/08

v0005 2/04/08

v0004 9/20/07

v0003 7/28/07

v0002 7/20/07

v0001 7/12/07


We're using GIT these days, please check out our git site for the latest code.

Creative Commons License
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To examine or modify the Ardustat implementation you will need:

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