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Dan Steingart

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phone: 609 258 1257

office address:
ACEE 214
Department of MAE
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

lab addresses:
ACEE 127/129
Department of MAE
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544


What I get paid to do

Current Position

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University
Andlinger Center For Energy and The Environment

Here's how it works: in one hand I hold a bunch of problems, in the other a bunch of tricks, and I generally try to, in a very Edisonian manner, shove one into the other and see what works. This can be a very efficient way of getting to a novel solution, provided one is honest about the outcome. When it isn't efficient, or when there are still questions, we combine what we've learned with the mess on the floor to generate hypotheses. Then we test them.

To date the tricks have been

  1. standard printing of novel materials
  2. novel printing of standard materials
  3. novel printing of novel materials
  4. standing printing of standard materials
  5. creating small, low power, semi-autonomous computers
  6. a humble appreciation of electrochemistry
  7. looking at morphologies in change through optical, electron and xray interrogation

and the problems have explored

  1. energy sources for very large and very small devices
  2. understanding losses in very inefficient, distributed processes and
  3. putting tiny, cheap computers in (at the time) odd places

Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't and I either have to find new problems and/or new tricks, and this is exactly half the fun. I am therefore very lucky to be an assistant professor in this fine department and this great center at this storied institution.

Why I get paid to do it


University of California, Berkeley, CA
PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, 2006
Dissertation on Printed, On-Chip Electrochemical Storage

University of California, Berkeley, CA
MS in Materials Science and Engineering, 2002
Thesis on Zinc-Air Fuel Cells

Brown University, Providence, RI
ScB with Honors in Engineering, 2000

Professional Experience

Co-Founder and President, Feasible Corp, Berkeley, CA, 2016-

Assistant Professor, CCNY, New York, NY 2009-2013 Department of Chemical Engineering
The Energy Institute of the City University New York
Founding Director of the Kaylie Prize in Engineering Entrepreneurship

Senior Applications Engineer, Sentilla, Redwood City, CA - 2008

Co-founder and CTO, Wireless Industrial Technologies Berkeley, CA 2006 - 2013

Researcher, Nanotechnology Research Institute AIST Tsukuba, Japan 2005
Worked on a purely additive process to printed nano-structured and micron-structured conductive and dielectric elements, as well as electrochemical structures